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It will always be attached with religion the amazing architecture and engineering marvel on how houses of worship were built.

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Make PowerPoint Religious File w/ Audio


Since you have probably already created PowerPoint slides for your religious file, you can set them to music. That is, you record a slide show with audio comments. You can make your google slides available to your audience as an online learning tool.

Requirements for making religious file with audio

In your home office, have your computer or laptop installed with Microsoft PowerPoint. It is advantageous if you can use a separate microphone or headset. You can of course also work “quick and dirty” with the built-in microphone of your computer.

Tips for preparation for making religious file with audio

  • If necessary, prepare a rudimentary script or take notes on your presentation.
  • Integrate questions and food for thought into your lecture. This is to encourage an active discussion of the material even without direct communication.
  • Break your presentation down into several separate sections. On the one hand, this reduces the file size and, on the other hand, your audience can process a maximum of 15 to 20-minute units better than a 90-minute presentation.
  • Find a quiet and undisturbed location for the recording.
  • First, make short test recordings in order to familiarize yourself with how the recording works and to “warm-up” and save them in the desired format to test the entire procedure in advance.

Recording for making religious file with audio

How the recording works exactly and which functions are available depends on the operating system of your computer and the Office version used.

google slides HiSlide design

Basically, however:

  • You can record continuously but pause and resume the recording at any time.
  • The recordings are added to the presentation slide by slide so you can easily re-record individual slides.
  • Because PowerPoint does not record audio or video as you transition between slides, pause briefly at the beginning and end of each slide so that no audio comments are cut off.

The easiest thing to do is to save your recording of the presentation with audio comments as a PowerPoint slide show. This file is automatically displayed in full-screen mode to the user when it is opened and cannot be edited by them.

Alternatively, you can also export the presentation recording as a video. Nonetheless, this creates very large files.