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It will always be attached with religion the amazing architecture and engineering marvel on how houses of worship were built.

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5 Ways a Website Benefits Your Church

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Almost everyone uses the net and that’s why your church needs a website. Are you contemplating whether your church needs an internet site or not? Then this article is simply for you.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 5 reasons why your church needs a website and start finding alternatives to GoDaddy domains to go and build one today.

1. A website welcomes first-timers to your church

Many people are using the web daily, and plenty of first-timers will unearth your church’s website. Some are seeking spiritual direction and love, your church’s website can put them comfy with messages that are warm and inspiring.

While some people might need just moved to your location and are trying to find a church to attend, your website should be welcoming and it should express your desire to determine them at your church.

2. It keeps members up-to-date on activities

Rather than spending a bit amount of cash on bulletins and flyers, relevant information may be uploaded on the website for members to work out. Also, this can be also good for our surroundings. Save a tree today!

3. To appeal to the younger generation

Another reason why your church must have an internet site is that the younger generation is flooded everywhere the web and to appeal to those ones, having an internet site is crucial. in a very search, they need to understand more about your church, the values so on.


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4. It establishes credibility

Credibility is key! Having a website improves the image of your church. It shows that your church is legitimate and builds trust within the minds of those that visit your website.

5. It showcases your CSR activities

Your church website is accustomed showcase your church’s involvement within the community which also features a way of building your church’s credibility, trust and it ultimately shows that your church cares for its people.


Your church website is where people’s first impression about your church is made and it helps you get discovered. Here may be a recap on why your church needs a website.

  • A website welcomes first-timers to your church
  • It keeps members up-to-date on activities
  • To appeal to the younger generation
  • It establishes credibility
  • It showcases your CSR activities


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Religions That Remove Shoes When Praying

Many Muslims, Alevis, Hindus, Buddhists and Baha’i take off their shoes and boots at certain types of prayer. Jews and Christians do not know this ritual.

In which religions do you have to take off your shoes and boots while praying?


Many Muslims pray five times a day at fixed times. To do this, they always take off their shoes whenever possible, no matter where they are. A general shoe taboo applies to them in the mosque. But many also do this in their own homes.


Alevis enter their prayer room in the Cem house without shoes. If there is no dedicated prayer room, the same applies to the carpeted prayer corner. So everything stays nice and clean. In addition, an old description of Alevis already says that the participants in the Semah prayer turn barefoot.

Hindus and Buddhists

Hindus and Buddhists pray in the temple, in front of your house altar and also in the great outdoors. They also do not wear shoes in the temple or at home.


Baha’i only enter their holy places in Israel barefoot or on socks. For them, this is a sign of respect for the sanctity of the place. In their house of prayer, the House of Worship, and in any other place, Baha’i are free to choose whether or not to wear shoes when praying.

Shoes and boots: Meet God with respect and adoration

shoes and boots

All religions are about meeting God with respect, esteem and adoration. In some religions, this also means that the street dirt and with it the thoughts of everyday life should stay outside. Because the thoughts often revolve around irrelevant things or even envy, greed, resentment or hatred. And it is a goal of all religions to overcome these feelings.

Some religions symbolically wash off bad thoughts with ritual cleansing.

Many Hindus, therefore, wash their feet before entering the temple or their own apartment with the house altar.

Many Muslims do this before every prayer. For them, the ritual washing of the hands and face is also part of it. It’s called Wudu or Abdest.

Many Buddhists even put on white gloves and a face mask as a sign of Buddha’s worship when they prepare their altars in the temple for a special occasion.

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