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It will always be attached with religion the amazing architecture and engineering marvel on how houses of worship were built.

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Characteristics Of The Religious Tourist

There are no seasons for religious tourism. One of its characteristics is the ability it has to retain the traveler’s loyalty to the destination. Some people who want to travel and see religious places can do it through RVs. This gives them the freedom to check and go to religious places they want to see.

Seek to live experiences in communities

The religious traveler likes to feel welcomed by the community and being part of it is one of the experiences he seeks on pilgrimage. The tourist wants to have an enriching and memorable experience. Returning to the destination is usual.

He prefers tourist packages with group tours

Religious tourists like to move in groups to visit the sanctuaries. This is why they prefer packages that include tourist services as well as an experience that generates tranquility and comfort. This is why they prefer traveling in a camper with a portable a/c. This way, they won’t have to worry about food and lodging.


Young people look for plans that include physical challenges

Young travelers want their experience to include physical effort, such as walks, unlike older tourists, who prefer a more spiritual experience.

Choose plans that offer accessibility for visitors with disabilities

By its nature, religious tourism has parishioners of advanced ages and/or with disabilities. Offering comfort and access to these travelers is an important factor in motivating them to return.

It is important that the most common reasons for undertaking a trip are to make offerings, ask for a favor or fulfill a tradition.

He prefers specialized guides

The religious traveler wants to deepen his knowledge of the place he is visiting. For this reason, it is recommended to have guides who manage to transmit through their knowledge the religious experience that the tourist seeks.

He likes to feel safe

The tourist in this segment is conservative. Therefore he looks for destinations and plans that guarantee his safety and that of his family.

It varies according to the country of origin

Even when the religion is the same, it is important to know the origin of the traveler and understand their customs and beliefs to offer a better service.

Look for a message in each sanctuary

The pilgrim looks for a spiritual reflection, a message, and a story in each visit. To the extent that the attributes and richness of the religious destination are well known, it is possible to further captivate the visitor’s attention and guarantee their return.