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Database fundraising refers to database-based fundraising using fundraising software. Personal data is systematically collected, processed and used. A special focus is on the analysis. From this, insights are gained in order to develop new actions in an optimized way and thus to save costs. The basis of the database fundraising is the fundraising software used in the parishes and church organizations. As a parish, you have a lot of information that is important for fundraising with the church registration data.

You know, for example – the age of your members, the family relationships and the address. You also have information about the interests of church members. They know the members of the church or trombone choir and can assume that these people have a special interest in church music. Fundraising software helps you target people according to their interests and wishes. Relationship management is systematized, fundraisers can be evaluated meaningfully. Companies such as Builder CRM are offering to manage your projects/tasks and digital marketing in professional and right manner.

What is special about church database fundraising?

It differs in several respects from other non-profit organizations. The very extensive membership data is a “treasure” for church fundraising. They must be treated very carefully. It is important to ensure that the fundraising software in church use takes into account the following special features:

Member data

Each parish has extensive personal data of its members. These data “belong” to the parish. In some state churches there is also a membership to the regional church. Depending on the data possession, the use of this data is the sole responsibility of the parish (possibly also the regional church).

Municipal data matching

Churches regularly receive a comparison of their membership data from the municipalities. For the fundraising software, this means that regular data matching must be possible without losing older donor data. At the same time, double structures must be allowed. A person marked “deceased” by the parish in the software may not be positively overwritten during the municipal data comparison because the municipality had not yet received the death certificate. No deceased person may continue to receive mail from his parish.

Ecclesiastical data protection

The churches are themselves responsible for the protection of the data in their care. This is taken into account by the Data Protection Act of the EkD (DSG-EKD). This Data Protection Act regulates both data processing and access and access rights, which must find their equivalent in the software. The personal data of church members may be used for the performance of church tasks. With regard to electronic data processing, an ECD working group has developed “Implementing Rules to Ensure Data Protection in Fundraising”. The fundraising software must comply with these implementing regulations or the regulations adopted in your state church.

Fundraising and pastoral care

Pastors may keep and use their own records in the performance of their pastoral mission. These data are subject to confession alas and pastoral secret scares and may not be accessible to third parties. Such data may only be stored in the software if there is the possibility of individual encryption. This means that only the person who created it and no one else has access.

How do you find the right product?

The purchase of a fundraising software always means financial and time investment. It is an investment in the future that will make your fundraising more successful. Nevertheless, this investment wants to be well thought out. If you want to use a fundraising software, please contact the fundraising contact person in your state church. Perhaps a system is already in use in your state church or a product is recommended. Your state church may assist with the purchase.

You will also find out whether your application requires a land-church approval for software or which regulations or regulations you absolutely have to comply with. In any case, it is important that fundraising software, your reporting program and financial accounting are compatible. After all, it is important at which structure level the software is used in your state church. Does it run on the middle structure level (church circle/deanery) and is served by a trained fundraiser or fundraiser? Or are you challenged as a church community itself? It is important that the fundraising software can be operated by the person or the people who will work with it.

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