10 Games for Christian Teens

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Raising teens is like nailing Jell-O to a tree, so it has been said. It’s hard. Understanding teenagers and regarding them are a few things that no parent is ready for, and yet, the parent’s role is important to guiding them and giving them opportunities to experience right from wrong.

As Christian teens mature, they have more chances to make their own beliefs, make a reference to their faith, and build their own personal relationship with God. Through daily exposure to faith with fun avenues like games and books, parents can encourage a life-long relationship with Christ. These Christian games are ideal for families with teens, additionally as teenage youth groups and teenage bible camps.

1. Cactus Games Outburst-Bible Edition

This entertaining game is crammed with challenging Bible topics like “Names for Christ,” or “Animals within the Bible,” and “Sons of Jacob”. Each topic has 10 specific answers and players have 60 seconds to call as many answers as possible.

2. Bible Word of God

Perfect for teens, this game emphasizes the results of gossiping or spreading rumors. Choose several bible verses that have positive themes or relate to good character, write them down on small pieces of paper, and put them in a container. Players sit during a circle and one player blindly chooses a verse and reads it to himself. He then whispers the verse to the person sitting to his right, who then passes it on to the subsequent person until it reaches the last person of the circle. This person announces the verse to the group to indicate how a message can change when it’s passed from mouth to mouth, demonstrating the negative effect of spreading rumors.

3. Bible Jeopardy

Play this game just like the television version of Jeopardy with categories and clues. Contestants choose a category so should buzz in to provide the question that the clue answers. Each clue contains a point or cost and whoever buzzes in first and gets it correct, gets those points. Play some rounds of Jeopardy and so have a prosecution round where the points double. At the tip of the sport, each contestant bets his or her points or money on a Final Jeopardy question.

4. It’s All that Grace

A hilarious game that teaches you that God’s grace wins anytime. For two to six players, this game includes 60 cards with seven sin cards that are nearly impossible to avoid. The great news is that the grace card can prevent sin each time. Combine strategy and therefore the abundance of grace to be the last player standing to win.

5. Bible Scavenger Hunt

In small teams of 3-5 people, this is a fun game to play. Give each type A bible, a duplicate of the scavenger hunt questions, and something to put in writing with. They’ll also need a camera or cellular phone with photo capabilities. They then race to seem up the answers to the scavenger hunt questions. Once they know the answers, they race to travel and take pictures of the various items within the answers.


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6. Capture the Flag REDUX by Starlux Games

Capture the Flag REDUX may be a fun and exciting glow-in-the-dark game that also teaches meaningful principles. This active, adventure game isn’t for people who want to take a seat around and talk. It involves hiding, searching, running, and even sneaking abreast of people. The sport includes glowing orbs, territory markers, and team bracelets and comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. It’s the proper icebreaker or team-building exercise game for youth groups, church activities, and church summer camps. This game gets preteens active and teaches them to (literally) follow the Light!

7. The New Teen Choices

Applying Biblical Principles to Everyday Situations by Rainfall Educational Toys: This parlor game makes learning to settle on right from wrong fun and exciting. Face tough, world decisions involving peer pressure, honesty, and purity. The sport includes a game board, 6 player markers, 150 dilemma cards, and 10 principle cards to assist teens to find out how to base decision-making on biblical principles.

8. Who am I?

For a fun and simple youth group activity or church party that doesn’t take lots of kit or planning, play “Who Am I” – bible version. Grab some post-it notes and write the names of various bible characters on everyone. Without seeing the name, have every person stick one on his or her forehead. Then, the players go around asking only yes or no inquiries to the opposite players until they’ll guess who they’re.

9. Dance Like David Dance-Off

Teens like to dance, and when the spirit moves them and they want to indicate off their moves, you’ve got a dance-off. Make a bracket with all of the participants’ names after choosing some impartial judges. Then, let the music begin and allow them to battle one another until one by one they’re eliminated and you decide on a final dance champion. This can be a good outlet for teens that love music and dancing.

10. Christ-Centered Video Games

Sometimes it’s hard to urge teenagers off of their screens, especially with amazing video games such as Rise of Kingdoms (visit https://riseofkingdomsguides.com/ for more info). When it involves that, you wish them to play video games that have uplifting themes and Christian messages. One game that’s popular with stunning graphics and a strong Christian message are Axys Adventures – Truthseeker. The most character could be a teen that struggles to form the proper decisions but ultimately learns of the healing and forgiveness that God offers.


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