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Fish, No Meat: The Pescavarian Diet


The Pescavarian diet is not influenced by any religion, group, or organization. It is simply a diet that’s put together by Professor Werner Mang, an ENT and plastic operations specialist in Lake Constance, Lindau. He once said that it’s better to eat more fish than to have botox simply because fish has nutrients that work to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Plus point of fish: omega-3 fatty acids

The benefits of fish are many. The nutrients in fish include many things that our bodies can use. For example, zinc and iodine are trace elements that can be found in fish and not other types of meat. Fish also contain easily-usable protein content which is not found in other types of meat.

People around the world are cutting meat out of their diet and making a switch to plant-based eating. There are a variety of great benefits to this switch, including environmental protection. Here’s the thing: Animal products are a good source of many nutrients that our bodies need too. It’s NOT necessarily meat because food sources such as eggs, dairy products, nuts, and mushrooms can also provide valuable nutrients like vitamin B12.

Pay attention to origin and seal

A pescavarian diet is not just about eating fish. Selecting the right fish can make the difference between a healthy and inadequate meal plan. Fish from the Northern Sea, fish that are locally farmed through aquaculture, or fish from the domestic inland waters. If you are on the coast of Holbox Mexico, fish products from the fish tank of Maria Carmita’s raw bar ( are also an ideal choice.

Freshwater fish are just one of many types. These include river bars, trout, catfish, and pikeperch. Their delicate fish meat is easy to digest, making it perfect for a diet or if you’re cutting down on salt. More good news: 200 grams of trout contains the omega-3 requirement for an adult in just one serving! Prof. Mang personally stated that the best sea fish are cod or cod, plaice or wolf bass. With growing concerns about the environment and overfishing of the seas, it’s all the more important to make sure that your seafood is from a reputable source.

Almond leaves instead of breading

Fans of fish sticks or blackfish have to be brave in one point: with a pescavarian diet, the best thing to do is do without the breading. Because that brings unnecessary extra calories with it, warns Mang. And fiber that is good for digestion is hardly stuck in it. Instead, he advises frying the fish in olive oil with a little parsley and almond leaves.

From the point of view of Mang and Riedl, however, fish and smoked fish are okay. However, you should only consume them in moderation. Because smoking fish contains a lot of salt, fish are often inserted into the oil. Tip: Water both before eating.

In addition to fish, seafood and algae can also be part of a pescavarian diet. They also contain valuable minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids. If you like, you can also put seafood such as shrimp, mussels, lobsters, or crabs on the menu.

Alternatives to fish and algae oil?

Flaxseed and rapeseed oil are good alternatives to fish and algae. These healthy seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Nutritional supplements are an inexpensive and effective way to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. However, because they contain a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals, it is important not to take more than you need. It is best to speak with your family doctor before you start taking any nutritional supplement so that they can advise you on which ones are appropriate for you.

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